Four Wheeler Security and Tracking System


Godspeed offers vehicle tracking system to ensure monitored, controlled and effectively managed. This will expose users to our full featured application with host of features including live route playback, choice of dynamic reports, Way point fencing, multiple SMS and E-Mail alerts, multi map view. Godspeed offers a Complete suite of GPS device for car and software for four wheeler monitoring and management solutions. Our car GPS Tracker helps Fleet track managers to reduce fleet management costs and help to manage fleet assets more efficiently. By installing our GPS vehicle tracking system you can able to get greater insights about your car.

Four wheeler gps tracking device - Value plus plan offers:

  • Live GPS Tracking Systems with 30 seconds tracking interval
  • Car gps Tracker can be tracked on web and mobile based
  • GPS tracking device for cars with Internal GSM / GPS Antenna
  • Vehicle gps tracking Report in web – Route history, Summary, Ignition, Way point, Offline
  • Vehicle immobilization by sending simple SMS
  • Fleet track Report in Mobile Application – Route Summary, Ignition
  • Web based premium SMS (Additional charges apply)
  • Free Email alert
  • Live tracking on licensed Google maps and grids
  • Vehicle tracking device with Continuous tracking, Route history & Play back
  • Additional charges for Relay
  • Receive Ignition alert, Offline alert & Way point alert via SMS / Email
  • Historic date of 30 days with option to export as PDF / Excel format
  • Location tracking via SMS with map link
  • Create unlimited way point fencing

GPS device for car and car security system price: Rs 6556

  • SIM sourced by customer from their preferred operator (National Roaming GPRS+SMS)
  • Warranty - 12 months’ warranty for gpscar tracking device hardware.

30 Secs Tracking Interval

Vehicle History 30days

Vehicle Immobilization

Route History & Playback

Email Alert

SMS on Unauthorized

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