Solutions for Schools, Colleges & Parents

Schools, Colleges & Parents :

Godspeed Systems Ltd, Coimbatore based a leading manufacturer and software developer of Child GPS tracking systems. It offers solution for Child Safety, Vehicle Safety and Asset Tracking according to customer needs in the market for the past nine years. We customize & simplify by tracking the management vehicles, drivers & students.

Godspeed School bus GPS Tracking Solutions:

As a parent and management you need to concentrate on child safety every time. Godspeed School bus GPS Tracking Solutions provides all the info about the school bus for child’s safety. By installing GPS school bus tracking system the parent also will be kept informed about the child bus location every time. This school bus tracking system ensures better vigilance and lesser effort for the school management and parents. Our child tracking device or school bus tracking system maintains the safety of the bus and the children and lets every parents and management be in peace of mind.

Schools bus, Colleges bus and Child GPS tracking system:

The Godspeed school bus tracking system offers the following features for management and parents

GPS School bus tracking system’s features for Management:

  • Vehicle tracking system sends alert if the vehicle has not moved from a particular place at any time.
  • By installing school bus tracking system you get a knowledge of accurate time of pick and drop off stops.
  • RFID readers & RFID swipe tag will alert the presence of students in the vehicle and in the school.
  • Attendance through RFID for all the students through GSM based RFID in the classroom or in front of school gate.
  • Mobile alert through SMS for the over speeding and rash driving of school vehicles.
  • Optional fuel sensor to know fuel consumed, fuel filled and fuel theft through mobile alerts.
  • Alerts to know the FC time, Oil change and insurance due date in advance.
  • Trip summary with exact kilometres covered and time delay at each pickup/drop stops.
  • Alerts to know unnecessary idling of engine and fuel wastage.

GPS School bus tracking system’s features for Parents:

  • By installing school bus tracking system, Parents will get web & SMS alerts regarding the location of school vehicle before pick up and drop.
  • Alert the parents if students have taken a different bus route or the bus turn in wrong route.
  • RFID Reader - Alerts the parents about the student boarding or deboarding the bus.
  • Alerts -no bus on a particular route for the day.



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