Lorry and Heavy Vehicles tracking system:


Godspeed GPS tracking device for lorry has capacitance fuel level sensors which are extensively used for continuous measurement of fuel level in automotive and industrial tanks. GPS tracking device for lorry has high accuracy and long working life. These sensor can be adjusted to suit the tank length locally by cutting the probe length and recalibrating them accordingly.

GPS vehicle tracking system are also for monitoring either a lorry or heavy vehicles. A vehicle tracking device gives you information, about location, speed, fuel consumption, ignition on or off, drivers behaviour. Vehicle security system will send SMS or email alerts based on immobilization and theft. We have a complete solution for the vehicle tracking system. Our GPS trackers for lorry are certified and made in India. Our Vehicle GPS tracking software were designed and developed to give most valuable purposes of GPS tracking.

With easy and effective management of fleets using a fleet management system can have a high impact on the cost reduction in maintenance and driver behavior. GPS tracking device for lorry is an umbrella that covers all your lorry or heavy vehicle management in one step by getting greater knowledge about your Fleet.

Features of GPS fleet tracking device for lorry

Vehicle tracking solution for Pertol and Diesel containers

  • Know the current fuel level of the vehicle
  • Know how much fuel will be filled
  • Export report in pdf/excel format

Vehicle tracking solution for Gas and Oil containers

  • Know the gas pressure

Vehicle tracking solution for Rig

  • Know the no of rods
  • Know the Compressor on/ off status
  • Know the Compressor RPM



Milk Container


JCB & Earth Movers

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